About Us

J´RENEÉ COLLEGE is a dynamic, Private Vocational School with administration, faculty and staff dedicated to delivering high quality HealthCare Education and Training with a Spirit of Excellence. Faculty and staff are dedicated to supporting and preparing students for lifelong learning and leadership roles in healthcare. We offer programs at times convenient for students that are tailored to the adult learner. We deliver progressive resources, and facilitate personal and professional development.

To accomplish this mission, the school:

  • Facilitates student success by providing services recognizing a diverse student population.
  • Appoints expert faculty that have proven leadership and teaching skills who role model and promote lifelong learning.
  • Offers programs which will prepare students for gainful employment in healthcare consistent with employment opportunities.
  • Provides programs of study that prepare graduates for progression on the healthcare career path.



J´Reneé College is authorized for operation pursuant to the “Certificate of Approval to Operate Issued by the Illinois State Board of Education, 100 North First Street , Springfield IL 62777 ”



"I searched for a long time for the right school to help me pursue my career. J´Reneé came into my life at the right time. The instructors and administration have supported and assisted me with my journey to make this possible. J´Reneé has equipped me with the knowledge I need to be the best nurse I can be."