NUR 420:

Registered Practice Update:

Clock Hours: 144- Student -Teacher Ratio Class 20
Clinical Hours 94/ Lecture 48 Duration: 10 week
Educational Requirements:
Graduate of a nursing program, Must have a current Illinois nursing license or have a letter from IDPR stating that he or she has applied for licensure, Current CPR card, Students must provide proof of immunizations and health/fitness to complete the course, Students must provide their own transportation to and from classes and clinical, See course syllabus for clinical site and other requirements' 420: Registered Nurse Practice Up-date. This course is designed as a review to prepare inactive nurses to re-enter nursing practice. The focus is on current trends in healthcare, advancing roles of professional nurses in healthcare, disease processes with medical and nursing interventions, and the nursing process as it relates to the delivery of client care. Settings are classroom lecture, lab practice and clinical experience on a medical surgical unit at a local hospital. This course satisfies the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation (IDPR) requirements for practice up-date courses. To prepare students for gainful employment in healthcare. To provide education and educational experience relevant to the healthcare professions. To assist in supporting community healthcare needs. To enhance self-confidence and self-support capabilities. To develop the necessary skills, competencies and attitudes amongst students for meeting the challenges of healthcare. To make the educational process more efficient and cost effective.